22 Famous Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Republicans

Known for their triumphs on the playing field, these athletes are some of the best we’ve ever seen, winning championships across a multitude of sports. While you know about their athletic glory, you may not be aware of their politics. While some of these sports superstars are more upfront about their conservative leanings than others, they have all supported Republican candidates in the past.

1. Peyton Manning

A 5x NFL MVP and 2x Super Bowl Champion, Peyton Manning is one of the greatest signal callers to ever throw NFL passes. He is also said to be an establishment Republican, who was rumored as a possible replacement for GOP senator Bob Corker. While Manning has not gotten into the race, something tells us he’d be a shoo-in if he does, given the state’s Red lean and Manning’s success as a quarterback at the University of Tennessee.