Inexpensive Ways To Fight Inflammation

Is inflammation a problem for you?

As people grow older, inflammation becomes a greater issue. The chronic low grade inflammation that develops as you age is known as inflammaging.

Inflammation is also a major side effect and cause of sustained injuries and discomfort.

What you might not know is that there are inexpensive relief options out there that don’t rely on addition additional medicines to your daily routine that we’ll cover in the next few sections.

Before moving on to the strategies, it should be made clear that if you’re reliant on certain medications to fight inflammation, you should continue taking those, these strategies can help in addition to your medications.

Limit Your Intake of Acidic Foods

It’s no secret that people love their bacon and eggs, but you need to be careful about how much of these kinds of foods that you eat.

Acidic foods can put a lot of strain on your system, and they can be devastating when you are having issues with inflammation.

It’s best to avoid processed and refined sugars, bleached flours and dairy foods during flare up periods. Remember, you don’t have to quit forever, just as long as you need to deal with the inflammation.

Eat Lots of Greens

When you’re having issues with inflammation, keep these veggies in mind that can help:

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Kale

Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so you can get a lot of its benefits by simply drinking a cup of soup broth with a lot of celery in it. Another option if raw celery doesn’t sound that appetizing is to add some peanut butter in the groove.

Cucumber, spinach, and kale are among some of the other most beneficial veggies in this group, and almost all of them make great side dishes for any meal.

Get in A Good Workout

If you need a more active way to combat this acidity, then a good 30 minute workout will definitely do the trick.

Sweating is another really great way that your body uses to get rid of excess acids and wastes.

If you can get some good exercise in, you’ll pump more blood and oxygenate it so that it can feed your muscles more easily. You’ll also increase your blood alkalinity.

Cut Back on Drinking

Most alcoholic drinks are filled with sugar. Sugars in drinks and foods can be highly acidic, so naturally, the less you have of these, the healthier you will likely feel.

Alcohol also keeps your body from metabolizing anything other than sugar, so it could have a range of side effects that you would rather skip.

Additional Reading On Fighting Inflammation

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