11 Insanely Useful Products To Keep You Safe in 2020

Tough times are upon us. Maybe like me, you didn’t believe the reports at first. Maybe you didn’t believe things were going to get this bad. Maybe it turns out you weren’t as prepared as you thought. But I’ve got good news:

Just because you’re late, doesn’t mean you’re too late. 

There’s still time to protect yourself and your family. Better still, you can do most of these things without leaving the safety of your own home.

I’ve been researching some unorthodox strategies to prepare for difficult situations — even when this scare comes to an end, I know now that you can never be too prepared. I’ve poured hours into research and found a lot of great products that give me the peace of mind I need. I know I can take care of my family and stand tall no matter what happens next.

11. Get Your Water Supply Off The “Grid”

Have you seen the people at the grocery store loading down their carts with gallons upon gallons of bottled water? And even worse, have you gone to buy water only to find empty shelves? No need with the Water Freedom System, which can create a limitless supply of fresh, clean drinking water at your home. If you also grow some of your own food (see below), you’ve taken some huge steps towards being entirely self-sufficient.

Click here to see how the Water Freedom System works.

10. A Secret Supply Of Fresh Food

One thing that’s become really apparent in the recent weeks is that you can’t rely on grocery stores to have what you need. Fresh food is crucial for staying healthy in a crisis, and if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself: the Survival Food Farm makes that easy to do – and easy to hide from nosy neighbors. The best part? No digging, no watering. This system is completely on auto-pilot.

Check out the Survival Food Farm here.

9. The Survivalist’s “Bible” Of Tips & Tricks

The news is downright scary, especially if you’re an American citizen. So whether you believe in prophecy or not, this guide is full of essential survival advice to get your house ready for whatever pandemic or national disaster comes next.

Watch a video about this must-have survival guide here.

8. This Survival Stash Is “The Bomb”

What’s a “Survival Grenade?” Simply put, it’s something you should have stashed everywhere: at your job, around the house, one for each car your family has. It contains a surprising array of survival supplies in a small, easy-to-stash package.

Get a great deal on your Survival Grenade here.

7. Prep For The Worst And Cut Your Electric Bills

During this current crisis, we aren’t likely to lose electricity any time soon (at least that’s what they say). But what about the next crisis? Or what if you need to grab your family and get out of town, before a lockdown or quarantine traps you somewhere you don’t want to be? You’ll need electricity for all the little items in your life, and this is a great way to do that — plus it adds peace of mind.

Get all the information on the Ultimate Energizer here.

6. Can’t Take Your Gun? Bring This Flashlight (Trust Me)

If you’re like me, you always want to keep yourself and your family safe – but sometimes it’s too conspicuous or impractical to carry a gun. Some places won’t even LET you carry a gun, in a blatant violation of our Second Amendment rights. That’s where this special flashlight comes in, and… well, I won’t spoil the surprise. You’ve got to check it out.

Learn more about this defensive flashlight here.

5. Never Buy Batteries Again

These are really neat, like something Q would’ve thought up for James Bond. They look like normal double-A batteries, but they work way better than that. If you buy these you’ll never need another package again. Plus, it works great with the Ultimate Energizer system I mentioned above.

Get your own set of Ultracharge USB Batteries for a great price here.

4. Stay Warm With A Blanket Designed For Astronauts

Losing power, getting stranded in your car, or even taking a wrong turn on a hike is not out of the question – even in 2020. Why not take a simple step to protect your life? That’s where these space-age blankets come in. Long only available to First Responders, now you can have one of your very own. It’s perfectly light for your car or “go bag” and could be the thing to save your life in an emergency. I always keep a few in my car and at home.

Click here to stock up on space blankets.

3. Never Run Out Of Lighter Fuel Again

Have you ever pulled out your “trusty” lighter only to find that all the fuel evaporated while you weren’t using it? I sure have, which is why this lighter, which uses no fuel and even works when wet, is now my fire starter of choice.

Check out this amazing gadget here.

2. The Sleeping Bag You’ll Want To Keep Close

This survival sleeping bag is about the size of a can of beer and fits comfortably in your glove box, gym bag, anywhere you need it. If you get stranded unexpectedly this could be the difference between life and death – and it pairs great with the Space Blanket.

Start stocking up on Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bags here.

1. Protect What’s Yours, Even When You’re Unarmed

If all else fails… are you ready to fight to defend the ones you love? If you’ve prepared everything else on this list, you’ve got a lot of stuff other people are going to want and need, and they might be willing to try and take it from you. That’s why, when your back is to the wall, you’ll be glad you’ve learned the secrets to Family Self Defense.

The best time to start Family Self Defense is now. Click here to begin.