22 Celebrities Who Owned A Sports Team That You Had No Clue About

You knew these celebrities are rolling in the dough, but you probably had no clue how they were spending their hard-earned cheddar. Well these diehard sports fans decided to use their fortune to get in on the game.

1. Jon Bon Jovi — Philadelphia Soul

Jon Bov Jovi is a rock and roll legend, and a New Jersey native who become the darling of Philadelphia when he started his own Arena Football League team there in 2004. After securing the AFL rights to the City of Brotherly Love, Bon Jovi brought on other celebrity investors, such as former Eagles’ quarterback Ron Jaworski. However, Bon Jovi broke up the band in 2010, claiming that touring for his recently released album was causing him to be absent from the team, and dropping his stake in the franchise.