How The Order Of What You Eat Matters With Weight Loss

Did you know that by simply ordering what you eat differently, you could help your weight loss efforts?

The order of what you eat changes everything, from how full you get and how quickly you get full, to how satiated you feel afterward. It can make the difference between overeating or not.

Below are some strategies for ordering what you eat to help develop healthy eating habits, stop overeating, and make progress toward losing weight.

Eat Protein First To Fill Up

If you’re looking for a way to address overeating, eat your protein first.

This is pretty easy to do, for any meal where you incorporate a good protein like chicken, steak, fish or beans, all you need to do is eat that portion of the meal first.

Eating protein first works because it slows the release of sugar from cards into your blood stream. This prevents a blood sugar spike and by preventing the blood sugar spike you prevent the hunger that they can cause.

Next Eat Your Veggies and Fiber

By eating your veggies next, you’ll fill up with the healthiest items on your plate rather than filling up on carbohydrates.

This also helps to keep your blood sugar levels low. Every time your blood sugar levels rise, your body is going to stop burning fat for a certain period of time.

You want to keep the blood sugar levels as low as possible during your meals, which means saving all of the complex carbohydrates for last.

Leave Refined Carbs for Last

Your carbs are going to be last, or in this case, the refined carbs. These will raise your blood sugar levels the fastest, plus they can cause you to overeat a bit. If you’ve eaten your protein and veggies first, you’ll have less room for these and you’ll end up eating a healthier and more nutrient dense meal.

This is when you eat carbs like potatoes and biscuits. There is nothing wrong with eating a biscuit with dinner, but try to save it for last.

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