Watch Out For These Red Flags In Your Food’s Nutrition Info

When you take a closer look at modern food production, you begin to notice that there are a lot of sneaky little things that companies can do to hide the facts about their products that more discerning consumers might want to know.

These companies do whatever they can to hide negatively reviewed additives and preservatives of different types, so they might utilize tricks that can catch you off guard.

In the next few paragraphs you’ll find out what some of these tricks are and learn nutrition red flags to keep an eye out for. 

You might be surprised to find out about some of these!

Fiber Is Low or Missing Completely

This is one that you will see a lot in the production of store-bought bread goods and snack cakes.

Even though these foods once came from grains, the actual components of what made that food a grain are now gone, leaving only the gummy, flakey bits of what it used to be.

When this fiber is removed, this gooey remnants of the food can stick to parts of your digestive tract and form pockets around areas in your intestines. These pockets can create serious issues down the road, years later.

Processed grains also are a trigger for weight gain, so limiting your intake of these types of foods will be essential for health reasons. 

Extra Sugars Are Added

Some foods have had a lot of things done to them to make sure that they can last in a truck that is traveling through the desert.

Sometimes the processes can rob food of their flavor, so the next solution when it is a sweet food, is to simply add extra sugar.

The sugar that was there is still there, only changed chemically, so now your body has to deal with the sugar overload.  This is especially bad for diabetic people.

Sugars like these will appear as maltose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, and sucrose.

Trans Fats

This is a serious red flag.

People really shouldn’t eat any trans fats. They are very dangerous because they cause a reduction of healthy cholesterol and a rise in the bad cholesterol.

For some people that could be deadly, and it’s very bad for the heart. These foods are so bad that many companies have been ordered to stop using trans fats in the food production.

There are a number of healthy snacks that you can have instead.