Top 3 Native Ad Platforms For 2024

By now, you probably know the value of native advertising. Compared to traditional display advertising, native offers an improved user experience that drives 1.5x the views, 10x the engagement, and 18% greater buying intent.

But not all native ad platforms are created equally.

Brilliant Citizen’s investigative team has researched the most commonly used native advertising platforms to compare their features, costs, and results. Based on 7 key points of interest, here are our recommendations for advertisers and brands at the beginning or growth stage of their native advertising strategy.

Major corporations*
Downstream measurement
Engaging formats
Advanced targeting capabilities
Real-time performance reporting
Dedicated account managers and support team
Flexible payment terms

*Like Google and other platforms

The key takeaways:

1. The major corporations like Google are a great fit for highly experienced native advertisers with a lot of cash to invest in their strategies

These companies can do a lot, from advanced targeting capabilities to real-time performance reporting, and they often support engaging survey formats that drive buying intent among users. But because it’s a household name with a lot of competition vying for premium ad slots, the costs can be restrictive for most affiliates and small to midsize advertisers. Stricter payment terms can make it nearly impossible for some advertisers to access that premium inventory. 

2. Decide Technologies, Outbrain, and Taboola are usually a better fit for the more economical advertisers

Compared to other platforms, these companies offer lightweight contracts/minimum billings. Decide and Taboola also have multiple payment options for more flexibility. All three include some of the same features as the big name companies, like real-time performance reporting and advanced targeting capabilities. 

3. Only Decide delivers all 7 points of interest

Unlike Outbrain, Taboola, and many other platforms that lock you into click-based pricing, Decide is the only native platform that emphasizes downstream value creation over frontend clicks. Non-restrictive eligibility requirements and flexible payment terms mean that companies of all sizes can affordably access high quality traffic. Interactive ad formats spike engagement and qualify users for greater buying intent, and advanced tooling allows you to hone in on device, browser, geographic location, and other targeting capabilities. Tie it all together with transparent real-time performance reporting and a full-time customer support team who is dedicated to maintaining, optimizing, and scaling your campaigns. All advertisers stand to benefit from learning more about Decide Technologies.

Customer reviews also back up our research. These are real long-term customers recommending Decide’s services.