Understanding The Latest Fitness Boom

Health in general has gotten even more popular recently, but so has fitness. Everywhere you look, people are buying workout apparel, posting their workouts on social media, and signing up for 5k and 10k races.

Why is that? Here is a look at where the most recent trend in fitness is coming from.

There is a Bigger Focus on Health

The good news is a big part of the reason for the latest fitness trend boom is that everyone wants to be healthier.

There seems to be a bigger focus on health, as opposed to being a certain size or sticking to a trendy diet. This is great! It means more people are working out for their overall health, not just for weight loss. 

People Love Signing Up for Races

You have probably seen pictures of your friends or co-workers running a race, such as a 5k, 10k, or a themed race like the Bubble Run or the Color Run.

These are a lot of fun to participate in, not to mention how great they are for fitness, and for whichever charity they are helping to fund. This makes it to where a lot more people are training for the races at the gym, on the treadmill at home, or with groups on the street.

There are Budget-Friendly Gyms

It used to be that signing up for a gym membership was the most expensive way to get fit and lose weight, but that couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays.

Many gyms are popping up in cities and towns that are around $10 a month, allowing you to workout for much less than if you had to buy workout DVDs or equipment at home.

Boutique-Style Gyms are all the Rage

Another type of gym that is becoming a trend and leading to the fitness craze is the boutique-style gym. Instead of a gym with exercise rooms and tons of equipment, these gyms are usually for one specific purpose.

There are CrossFit gyms, women-only gyms, indoor trampoline gyms, Pilates gyms, and many more. They are much smaller and intended to fit less people at one time, often structured in classes or with personal trainers helping just a few people at a time.

Social Media Influence

Finally, people love sharing about their workouts online! Much of the fitness craze is from other sharing what they’re doing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You get inspiration from others, and you can motivate your friends by showing what workouts you’re doing.