What Are The Benefits Of Selenium?

Brazil nuts are one of the richest sources of selenium.

Getting a good mix of vitamins and minerals in your body is important so that you can have a happy, healthy, and functional life.Some of the minerals that you need to live are only required in such minute amounts that they are referred to as being trace amounts.

One of the notable trace minerals is called selenium.

This mineral can be found in some nuts, and a few other foods, but why do people need selenium?

The following article will be identifying key points on the benefits of selenium.

It Repairs Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a condition where the human body has a difficult time keeping pace with the number of free radicals that are present in your system. These particles are the result of metabolic processes that take place in the body.

Evidence of this breakdown can be seen in premature aging, and several chronic diseases that can adversely affect your quality of life.

Selenium contains compounds that can break down free radicals and  protect cells from becoming stressed.

To properly limit the number of free radicals that appear in the body, it’s best to avoid processed foods, heavy smoking, and heavy excessive alcohol use.

Can Help Fight Cancer

Many forms of cancer that are common to people today are caused by free radicals.

As free radicals build up in the body, cells that come in contact with can become damaged and when DNA is no longer sequence properly it can create a chain reaction in cells that causes subtle but devastating changes to the DNA of each.

The antioxidants contained in selenium can neutralize these free radicals and kill cancer cells as well as prevent them from spreading.

Guards Against Cognitive Delay

As people get older, they often witness small amounts of cognitive delay.

While there are multiple factors that increase the opportunity for the delay, Studies have shown that antioxidants have the ability to prevent a decline in mental faculties.

Eggs are another excellent source of selenium.

Dietary studies of selenium rich foods have revealed that people who eat those foods have been found to have a lower risk of developing cognitive disorders.

Although in the early stages of study, the ability to connect diet to cognitive health is a massive breakthrough that could potentially save the lives of millions.

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