How I’m Making $432/Day Without Ever Leaving My Couch

Post by Linda Talbott

Growing an affiliate marketing has changed my life. Nothing compares to the flexibility, pride, and direct earnings of being your own boss. And if you had told me I’d be making over $400 in single-day commissions, I would have assumed it was a scam. But after 9 months promoting products in my free time, despite all its ups and downs, I was finally able to quit my retail job and pull in over $150k a year. Here are the top 4 lessons I learned this past year that made it all possible.

4. Diversify the sources

Like any investment, you never want to put all your eggs in just one basket. Of course, I learned this the hard way.

When I first started out, I was basically working freelance for one company, promoting several of their products on Facebook and TikTok. I got pretty good at it for a total beginner and earned some extra spending cash from my commissions. But that company had to do layoffs and they cut all of our marketing contracts. I had nothing else to market, so I accepted that I was still stuck in retail to pay my bills.

After that, I set out to find multiple sources to make sure that if one fell through, I’d have the safety net of the others. And I don’t mean just the companies whose products I promoted! I also expanded my presence with different affiliate marketplaces — I currently have access to 9 marketplaces where I can opt into the available product promotions. On top of being a safer investment, it also gets me access to more products overall.

3. Find a niche

This one took me from $100 a week to $100 a DAY in commissions. Any Marketing: 101 course will tell you that you have to know your audience.

This required some trial and error, but I eventually noticed that health-related products were the top sellers in my networks. People always responded more to the fitness supplements and tinnitus treatments than the one-off gadgets and gizmos that I sometimes tried to market. The engagements on the health posts are always popping off, and the commissions continue to roll in every single day.

“There’s a pill for that” kind of became my brand, and it was the first real breakthrough in my strategy. I stopped promoting anything that didn’t fit my niche, and it paid off in a big way.

2. Stand out

When you’re on as many marketplaces as I am, you start to see a pattern. The space can be diluted with too many people trying to sell too many similar products. You have to stand out to survive.

A lot of the affiliate marketplaces provide assets to use, but some companies allow their affiliates to take creative freedoms and build their own landing pages. Whenever I come across that opportunity, I always take advantage. Authentic content creation goes a long way to put you ahead of those affiliates who are only using the default materials.

I also keep an eye out for a special offer of any kind. Limited time sales or bundled products stand out to readers who might otherwise keep scrolling.

1. Partner with a platform

And finally, the #1 thing I learned that put me on track to earn $150k this year: let someone else do some heavy lifting.

I was having a hard time at my exhausting retail job, and I knew I wanted to quit. But I didn’t quite know how to get over that hump to make it my only source of income. I started researching advertising platforms who would work with a solo affiliate like me. Of the platforms I tried, a lot of the work was still on me to manage my campaigns. That simply wasn’t possible when I was juggling affiliate work with my other job. 

Everything changed when I discovered Decide Technologies. They checked all my boxes:

  • Engaging ad formats that catch the reader’s attention
  • Lightweight contracts to help me protect my advertising budget
  • Conversion-based performance measurement (clicks don’t mean a thing to me when I only get commission on conversions!)
  • A network of publishers where my personal niche was proven to perform well

And best of all, they had a full team dedicated to supporting my campaigns. When I couldn’t be at my computer to make optimizations, they had analysts and managers doing the day-to-day upkeep. They totally unlocked my campaigns! Suddenly, I was scaling for the first time in my affiliate journey. 

My commissions grew to $432 per day. 

I let that play out for a couple of months to be sure it was sustainable, then finally gave my resignation notice at my other job. It felt glorious!

Now that I have the luxury of planning ahead, my goals for the next 12 months are to keep scaling my affiliate business and try to get over the $500/day mark. With diversified product sources, a comfortable niche, unique funnels, and an incredible platform, I know it’s only a matter of time.