Should You Use Natural Sunscreen?

Going more natural with your beauty and healthcare routine is a great way to go, but there are some things you need to be careful with. This includes protecting your skin from the sun.

Keep reading to learn more about using natural sunscreen!

What is Natural Sunscreen?

When talking about natural sunscreen, we are talking about store-bought sunscreen, not something you make at home with all-natural ingredients.

You should never risk your skin health by making your own sunscreen except under limited circumstances.

Sunscreen that is considered natural doesn’t use as many chemicals, and instead uses minerals that are known to block the sun’s UV rays from damaging your skin. The minerals it usually contains are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Buying Natural Sunscreen

You can buy natural sunscreen, but proceed with caution. Pay attention to the ingredients and SPF, and consider your skin type when using it.

If you burn very easily, even with regular sunscreen, mineral sunscreen might not be effective for you. 

Some good brands to look for include:

  • Aubrey Oganics 
  • Sun Bum 
  • Coola 
  • California Baby

As with any natural product, do your research beforehand, and test a smaller area of your skin first to see how it reacts and if it does indeed block the sun.

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